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I AM CONFIDENT┃How to Change your Mood in a Snap by Thomas Safrin

Have you ever had a bad day and found yourself struggling to shake off the negativity? Maybe you have an important meeting or social event coming up and you can't afford to carry that bad mood with you. Well, the good news is that changing your mood on demand is possible. In this post, I'm going to share with you a simple technique to change your mood and get back on track.

The first step in changing your mood is to become aware of how you're feeling. If you're feeling down, you may notice that your shoulders are slumped forward, you're looking down, and you're speaking slower than usual. These physical characteristics are all indicators of a sad or negative mood.

To change your mood, you need to change your physiology. By changing your body posture, you can change your mood. Try standing up straight, bringing your shoulders back, and poking your chest out a little bit. Spread your arms out wide and look up instead of looking down. This simple change in your posture can help you feel more confident and positive.

Once you've changed your body posture, the next step is to use positive affirmations or mantras. An affirmation is a positive statement you repeat to yourself to change your thinking patterns. For example, you can say, "I am confident," or "I am in a good mood." The key is to say it with conviction and intensity. You can say it out loud or whisper it to yourself if you're in a public place.

The third step is to engage all your senses in the process of changing your mood. This means thinking about what you want to see, hear, and feel. Use the VAK model (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic) to engage your senses. For example, visualize yourself in a happy and positive state, listen to uplifting music or positive affirmations, and focus on the physical sensations of feeling good.

It's important to note that this technique may feel counterintuitive at first. If you're sad or down, saying, "I am happy," may not feel authentic. However, by changing your physiology and engaging all your senses, you can shift your mindset and change your mood.

This technique is simple but effective. It's a great tool to have in your arsenal when you need to change your mood quickly. Whether you're preparing for a meeting or a social event, or just need a mood boost, try this technique and see how it works for you. Remember, changing your mood is possible, and it all starts with a simple change in your physiology. Visit my website at to schedule a consultation today and take the first step towards unlocking, shifting, and empowering yourself.

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